Find time for your projects

For the longest time it seemed like I could never find time to work on my projects. There was never enough time in the day to do all the things I wanted to do. It’s frustrating. It wasn’t that I was particularly busy, but I always was looking for the perfect combination of decent span of time and a good amount of inspiration before getting started. Well, I found that this doesn’t happen often.

Finding time to work on personal projects is difficult. Especially when working a full time job. After a full day of work, sitting down to take a break and unwind feels much more necessary. On some nights, some inspiration would provide motivation and I’d find a spurt of productivity that drove into the earlier hours. But this never lasted more than a few days at most. Plus, I needed time to catch up on the latest games and films.

Life gets full of stuff to do.

It wasn’t until our children were born that I found how little time I could actually have. Anything I wanted to do had to be put on hold until the children were all taken care of. Each day varied, and some days were nonstop from morning until bed. At that point, every break in the day became an opportunity.

Value and utilize each moment.

Each break and moment to sit down became an opportunity to create. All those ideas building up needed to find a way out of my head. I think what happened is that outputting those ideas became a priority over those other things I used to do to unwind. That little moments I had between childcare and full-time work became incredibly valuable. It was more rewarding to work on the things I’d been thinking about, than spend that time thinking about things and enjoying things other people made.

While I’d really love more games, shows, and films, I had to reduce the amount of time spent on them to shift my focus toward the things I want to create. Time spent on consuming media has become nearly nonexistent. In a way, I’ve just shifted excess time away from those things and toward my projects. In addition, I’ve just been more persistent about working on projects whenever I have a moment instead of whenever inspiration strikes.

So where will you find time?

It’s not so much about finding time as it is about making time. Set some things aside and prioritize your project. So whether you’re super busy or not, try a few things to make more time:

  • Work on your project every day— even if just a few minutes a day.
  • Don’t wait for inspiration to strike— just do something easy.
  • Try working on your project first— then reward yourself with the other things you enjoy.
  • Value your time—prioritize your own goals and projects first.
  • Take every moment as an opportunity to work on things—don’t try doing everything all at once.
  • Be happy with each incremental step you’ve made—every step is a step closer to your goal.

Looking forward to seeing what you’ve made.