Must. Finish. A. Game.

Years of writing down new ideas. Sketching characters and drafting design documents. Learning the tools and process. Making prototypes and abandoning them. Whatever roadblock seemed to creep into the game production, there was always something that seemed to come up and keep us from sharing what we created with the world. 

Here’s a short list of roadblocks that come to mind:

Fear of failure Technical hurdles Seeking perfection Taking on too much Working in isolation Making it ‘complete’ Being ‘too busy’ Losing belief in the idea With design being our day job, you’d think we’d bring everything we’ve learned into this new journey to create a game. We brought along some ideas, read a few new books and blogs, but forgot a few key elements:

Project timeline and deadlines Design definition and documentation Sharing ideas, testing, and getting feedback Ok, so this is our attempt to correct those mistakes. We’ll share our process, progress, mistakes, and failures along the way. We all can find creativity and expression within established parameters. So we’ve set time limitations that will force us to design and create within these bounds to meet our goal. We’ll work to improve our process along the way, push through problems, make changes to meet our deadlines, and probably learn a whole lot. It may not be perfect, but it will be something.

We must finish a game.

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